Bulgaria company formation

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Bulgaria company formation

For advice, guidance and information for a Bulgaria company formation, you can contact Intercompany Solutions. They offer a lot of experience in consulting entrepreneurs and businessmen in starting up a business in another country. Next to the Netherlands and Germany, Intercompany Solutions is also located in Bulgaria. Their professionals can advice and assist companies with regards to tax planning, asset protection, company formations and estate planning. The total package offers innovative corporate services to provide corporate solutions for investors and companies from all over the world. Thanks to their expertise and experience they can guide entrepreneurs through all procedures and routes in different countries. If you decide to start a Bulgaria company formation they can help you with the most important procedures necessary. When you start a business in another country a stable setting is essential. Intercompany Solutions has been able to assist many entrepreneurs with their business in more than 30 countries. They applied their expertise in setting up, obtaining the residency, obtaining citizenships and passports, arranging business and financial service licensing. Entrepreneurs were able to complete their establishment in different countries with the professional service of Intercompany Solutions. If you need the same expertise for your Bulgaria company formation, go to intercompanysolutions.com to discover what they can arrange for you.

A stable based Bulgaria company formation

Perhaps it is not the first country you think of, but a Bulgaria company formation can be a very strategically move for your company. One of the main reasons is its location in Southeast Europe because of the many surrounding countries like Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. When your Bulgaria company formation is settled, your company is accessible for several countries through Europe. This can be very beneficial for making new contacts and expanding your network for your businesses. Next to its location, Bulgaria is also very attractive because of its most popular tax system in Europe for the following reasons:

  • Lowest setup fees
  • Lowest required founding capital – €1,-
  • Lowest tax on dividends in the EU – 5% only
  • Lowest tax on corporate & personal income – 10% flat rate

Next to the above they also offer easy, fast and secure incorporation services, affordable accounting and legal services and the lowest social security contributions in Europe. This makes it attractive for entrepreneurs to start a company in Bulgaria. If they decide to a Bulgaria company formation, it should be considered that the company should be registered at three offices: the commercial register of the district court, the local tax office and the National Statistical Institute.

Professional consultation with registrations

In case you are unfamiliar with these procedures for a Bulgaria company formation, Intercompany Solutions can guide you through all steps. They know at which institutes you should register you company and with which forms you can apply for things like a bank account, a registered office and visa immigration. Furthermore, you will know what is necessary to start one of the types of Bulgarian companies:

  • Limited liability company
  • Single person limited liability company
  • Joint stock company
  • Holding company
  • Joint venture
  • Branches

When you are settled with your Bulgaria company formation, it is important that the business stays as steady. This is also a factor where Intercompany Solutions can be of service. They can assist in establishing contacts with local potential customers in new markets. If needed its also possible to use their guidance in marketing strategy and advisory. Take a look at intercompanysolutions.com and see how their consultations can add to the start and growth of your Bulgaria company formation.